Celebrate your Story

Your humanist celebrant in Sardinia & Italy
for creating a personalized and meaningful ceremony
and honor your special moment

How do we give the right value to special moments?

Have you ever wished you could just stop, breathe, and fully feel and honor the stories and choices of your life? 
How many times are we trapped in our daily life, too busy to give value to some special moments? All those events that represent a particular and significant change in our life.

Instead, imagine a meaningful, touching experience, where you can honor those special times of your life. You can have it, and celebrate the stories of your life with a fully personalized laical ceremony. 
Let's see together how every celebration can become fully meaningful and unique.

Your guide

Hi. My name is Federica. Read my story, and I will help you to celebrate yours. 

A special island

I moved in Sardinia to be closer to seaside and nature. To live next to certain perfumes and landscapes, and meaningful places, a great location to celebrate important moments of your life.

Why choosing a celebrant for your event?

Creating a ceremony means setting up a meaningful event, that people will remember for years . 

There's a lot to do when planning a special celebration. Many people get involved, and hopefully each one has a different and specific role.

A laical celebrant is essential if you want to create a personalized ceremony, whether official or symbolical.

You'll have by your side someone who can give you the right support for writing and setting up your special moment, and then celebrate it.

The main values

Stop and honor those special MOMENTS of your life

Create UNION among those who share memories and values

Write, compose, share and give value to your STORY

Guarantee AUTHENTICITY, without improvisation

As time flies, it leaves behind a trail of memories, reminding us of the precious moments we’ve lived.
[Louisa May Alcott]

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